"Being present in the moment is what draws me to the art of mosaics.  I like to use different types of tile, smalti, stained glass, stones, and other pieces that call to me, because they all have their own unique energy and beauty.  Any of them can stand alone, yet another kind of magic happens when they are brought together, creating a whole new piece."

Simone Esquibel

More About Simone

Simone was born and raised in New Mexico.  She now lives in Fort Mill, SC.  Simone has been engaged in the art of mosaics since 2004.   

In addition to being a mosaic artist, she is also a psychotherapist, and maintains a small private practice in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

She enjoys nature, and the landscapes of the southwest and the Carolina Coasts particularly call to her.  You'll see these places reflected in many of her mosaics.  Her abstract mosaics are vibrant and engaging, and often bring in elements of nature.  Simone also enjoys photography, primarily taking photos of the outdoors.  These photographs are sometimes used for subsequent mosaic landscapes or nature scenes.

Simone enjoys creating in an array of mosaic formats, including creating fine art abstracts and landscapes, mandalas, home accent pieces, and teaching others.  She has been teaching classes through the Coastal Carolina University OLLI Program since 2013, and provides workshops and private instruction in her studio and other venues.


Simone approaches each project she undertakes, whether her own creation, a commissioned piece, or working with students, with mindfulness and presence.  Using her intuitive skills she brings out the best and most unique qualities of each person she meets and each piece she creates.

Contact Simone

If you'd like to schedule a mosaic workshop, talk to Simone about a commission project, or would like to contact her for any other reason please reach out via the Contact Page